Tumble Dryer Safety Tips

A tumble dryer is a necessary piece of equipment in every household across the country.

Tumble Dryer Safety Tips - Extend the Life of Your Dryer.

With mostly damp weather conditions prevailing year-round in the UK, a tumble dryer is a necessary piece of equipment in every household across the country. Most people have been using tumble dryers all their lives and to them it’s just a matter of throwing in a load of wet clothes and flipping a switch. While that’s all there is to using a tumble dryer,  there are a few practices that could damage the device and shorten its life span. These following safety tips will help.

Do Not be Tempted To Overload The Dryer

Every machine has a different maximum capacity depending on its size and power. Read through your manual and make sure you do not overload the dryer. Putting in more clothes than the machine can handle will restrict the airflow inside. Not only does this use more electricity but it will also make it less efficient. Overloading the dryer also strains the motor and belt, preventing the correct amount of airflow over the heater and the thermostat, which is a safety hazard.

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Clean the Filters After Every Use

Clean filters help the appliance run more efficiently. It also uses less power, so you save electricity as well. A clogged filter could also be dangerous because the excess lint and fluff then enters the main dryer chamber, which is another safety hazard.

Make Sure All Items You Put In Are Suitable For Tumble Drying

Any item that contains even a little bit of plastic, such as plastic-backed covers and mats should never be tumble dried. The heat can cause the plastic to melt during the drying cycle and can damage the machine. If you aren’t sure whether you can put an item into the dryer, check the symbol on the care label.

The label that indicates the item is safe for use in a tumble dryer is usually a square with a circle within in. In some cases you may find a dot or two dots inside that circle which state whether you can put it on a low or high heat setting. If this sign appears with a cross on the symbol or if it says ‘Do not Tumble Dry’ then don’t tumble dry it. You could end up with a completely ruined piece of clothing or worse still, you could damage the whole machine.

Let The Machine Rest After Each Load

If you have done a particularly large load of washing, it can be tempting to run back to back drying cycles to finish off your chores faster. This is not a good idea. Running the machine consecutively for more than one load can overheat the mechanism and damage the machine. The dryer needs time to cool down. You should ideally keep a minimum duration of at least 30 minutes between cycles.

Let The Dryer Come To A Complete Stop Before Opening The Door

If you try opening the door before the heat cycle is complete, you will be cutting the airflow immediately and this could be very dangerous for the machine. The thermostat could fail or the whole mechanism could get damaged. If you do need to stop the cycle for some reason before it is over, turn it down to a cool setting or a no-heat setting and then wait for a little while before you stop it. Ideally, just let it finish the whole cycle unless it is an absolute emergency.

Just to recap, here are a few things you need to do to use your tumble dryer breakdown more efficiently and extend the life of the appliance to the maximum:

  •  Avoid overloading the dryer
  • Clean the filters after every use
  • Only put in items that are suitable for drying at high heat
  • Let the machine cool down after every use
  • Open the door only after the machine has come to a complete stop
  • Ending Thoughts

Tumble dryers can be inefficient and sometimes dangerous if they are not used properly. When properly used, your tumble dryer could give you many years of efficient service without any risk to its mechanism or to your home. Try these tumble dryer safety tips to help extend the life of your kitchen appliance

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