Tumble Dryer

Most common tumble dryer faults need to be repaired by a qualified technician. Cover your tumble dryer with appliance insurance from Smart-Cover.

Common Tumble Dryer Problems And How To Easily Fix Them

1: Door Switch

If the door is open, the door switch will keep the dryer from starting. During the time clothes are tumbling in the washer and dryer, the clothes get jolted around and their fibres (or threads) start to break apart. The fibres or other remains collect around the door gasket or switch. This build-up of debris can prevent the door from closing completely and engaging the switch. If this is your problem, you will be happy to know it’s an easy fix and something you can prevent in the future by cleaning on regular occurrences. If you’re certain the door switch is faulty, someone may need to open the cabinet to troubleshoot and replace the switch, depending on your model and manufacturer.

2: Wrinkled Clothes

​If you find that after using your dryer your clothes are wrinkled, there are a couple things that may be the cause. All of which are easy to fix and won't require you to use a screw driver!

Possible Causes:

  •  Clothes were not quickly removed from the dryer.
  • No fabric softener was used.
  • Too many or too few items.
  • Incorrect level of water.
  • Water may be too hot for the clothing.
  • Wash and dry cycles may be incorrect.


  • Remove clothing Promptly from the dryer and fold or hang immediately.
  • The permanent-press cycle will help lower the amount of wrinkling by having a cool down cycle before it finishes.
  • Don't dry numerous loads at the same time.
  • Don't mix heavy and light clothing items together.

3: Does Not Tumble

There are numerous reasons why your dryer's drum isn’t tumbling, but the most common reason is a defective belt, especially if the motor is running. When the dryer's belt is worn/broken it won't be able to turn the drum. To get your dryer working again you will need someone to replace the belt. Be sure to buy the correct belt for your model of tumble dryer. Place the new belt on the drum where the old belt had been, and wind it onto the idler pulley and the motor pulley.

4: No Heat

The most common fault experienced with a tumble dryer is that it is no longer providing any heat. Thankfully in most situations, this is an easy fault to fix as it often requires no more than resetting the tumble dryer, which can be done by pressing the reset button usually found at the back of the appliance. If there is not a button, then someone would need to look for things such as blockages, the heater being faulty or the thermostat being faulty.

5: Making a Funny Noise

If your tumble dryer is making a banging noise it is most likely keys, coins or things left in pockets, so always check the pockets before you put them in the tumble dryer. If it is not something from the pockets it could be a problem with the drum itself, for example the drum scraping on something inside the machine. As your dryer gets older moving parts will show signs of wear and can sometimes begin to make strange noises so don’t panic if you start to hear squeaking noises.

6: Your Clothes Take Too Long To Dry

If you’ve noticed your clothes are taking longer than normal to dry it may be as simple as cleaning your lint filter. The lint filter is supposed to catch the lint and allow air to flow, however if you don’t clean it regularly enough it can make your dryer have to work harder than necessary.

How we help


Unless you are a trained and confident engineer, it’s very important not to try and fix the appliance yourself, this can cause even more damage as a number of things could go wrong. Don’t forget here at Smart Cover we offer breakdown insurance on all kitchen appliances, includingtumble dryer insurance! We use trusted engineers in many locations, meaning when you need help you are closer than you think to a helping hand.

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