Washing Machine Faults

Smart-Cover provides a list of the common washing machine faults and solutions. Avoid costly repairs or replacement with Smart-Cover home appliance insurance.

Washing Machine Faults - How To Diagnose & Solve Common Problems.

For most of us, a washing machine that does not work is an emergency. Fortunately, most malfunctions that happen can be easily resolved so there is no need to call in a professional unless of course, there is a major fault that cannot be handled by some simple trouble-shooting.

Take a look at some of the more common problems that happen and how you can solve them. You’ll see that trouble-shooting and solving washing machine faults really is surprisingly simple.

You set the washing machine on the spin cycle and nothing happens

This can happen if you are trying to spin loads that are either too small or too large. When you try to spin a very small load, the machine tends to vibrate excessively and could potentially spin out of balance. Most modern washing machine models have a built-in device that senses when the load is too light and prevents the machine from running the spin cycle to protect its mechanism from any damage.

Putting in loads that are too large can overload the mechanism and obstruct the spin cycle. If your washing machine does not spin, adjust the load by adding or removing a few clothes and retry.

If it still does not spin, check the pump at the bottom of the machine and make sure it is clear and that the carbon brushes are not worn out. If there is something blocking the pump, remove it. If the carbon brushes are worn out, you will need to replace them.

The washing machine bounces or moves around when operating

The first thing you need to do is check that the machine is installed on a level surface. An uneven surface will upset the machine’s balance and cause it to bounce or move around.

If the machine is very old, it could be that the concrete weights or shock absorbers are worn out. You may need to replace them. Call a professional to do this if you are not sure how to go about it.

The drum of the washing machine is stuck and does not turn

There could be several different reasons for this. A faulty motor, problem with the belt, worn-out brushes, a defective motor controller are just some of the issues that are preventing the drum from moving. You will need to investigate a bit to get to the root cause and either replace that part or get it fixed.

Your appliance stops or sticks on a specific programme

The exact cause would depend on which programme your washing machine gets stuck on. If the heater is faulty, the thermostat does not receive the command to proceed and the machine gets stuck on the spin cycle. You will need to first consider which programme the machine is stuck on and then deal with it accordingly by the process of elimination.

The washing machine does not drain

If your washing machine does not drain after a wash or spin cycle, you will have to pull out the drain hose and set it down to let it flow into a low drain. Water seeks its own level and the water will drain out because of the gravitational force. Once the water has drained out, you can then do some basic fault-finding or call a qualified technician to solve the problem.

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To recap - most washing machine breakdown problems are caused due to minor faults. Check out the basic components of the device. Replace anything that looks damaged or worn out. As with any other appliance, only conduct minor repairs and replacements yourself. For major issues, getting professional help is a safer alternative.

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