Kitchen Appliance Cover - Helps Keep Your Family Meals On Track

With kitchen appliance insurance from Smart-Cover, you can be cooking and your kitchen can be functioning quickly again after a hob or cooker breakdown.

Having all your kitchen appliances in working order at all times is vital in order to keep things moving along efficiently. Imagine coming home after a long day at work to find that your hob or microwave isn’t working!

At times like this, even something as simple as getting dinner organised is not just difficult, it is impossible. You cannot even heat up a frozen pre-packed meal.

Worse still, it is already the end of the day, which means you will have to wait till the next day to call a qualified technician to come over and take a look at the non-working appliance. When the engineer finally does arrive, you have to be prepared to fork out a significant sum for the ‘emergency’ services.

This is not an unusual scenario. Surprisingly, this is more common than you would believe. Hundreds of households across the UK find themselves facing this dilemma time and again simply because they do not have the right kitchen appliance cover in place.

How Exactly Does Having Kitchen Appliance Cover Help?

Kitchen appliance cover is a specific type of insurance. You pay a small premium to the insurance company and in return your kitchen appliances are insured against accidental damage, electrical and mechanical breakdowns.

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If you are wondering whether paying money for additional cover is worth it, the answer is yes. The benefits you receive from this type of cover far exceeds the monthly or annual premium you pay, which is negligible. Think about it, if you needed to call out an engineer even once in a year, you are probably looking at the best part of £100 (call out, parts and labour). Now if you appliance can’t be fixed you are then looking at the cost of replacing the item.

Here’s what you can expect when you have kitchen appliance cover:

  • You just need to make one phone call to the insurance company and explain your problem – no need to make several phone calls trying to find someone who is available to come over at short notice.
  • A qualified technician will be sent over to check the appliance, identify the problem and fix it if possible – you do not have to settle for a technician with no credentials or experience.
  • The appliance will be repaired on the spot or you will be provided with a replacement – you do not have to go days without the appliance because it is sitting in a repair shop or you can’t quite afford a replacement
  • You can make unlimited claims with each claim up to £500 – this works out so much cheaper than paying an equivalent amount for each time you call out an engineer.

What Does Kitchen Appliance Cover Include?

This type of insurance covers you under two main types of damage – Accidental damage and mechanical/electrical breakdown.

Accidental damage includes any type of physical damage that is caused due to unexpected, unforeseen factors that result in the equipment not working as per manufacturer’s description.

Breakdown includes any type of mechanical or electrical that does not allow the equipment to work properly as per the manufacturer’s description.

Kitchen Appliance Cover is highly recommended for all households. The small premium that you have to pay every month is totally worth it for the peace of mind that it gives you. With this type of insurance in place you know that you never have to go days without the use of any of your kitchen appliances.

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