Everything you need to know about home and kitchen appliance insurance

Everything you need to know about home and kitchen appliance insurance

What is appliance insurance?

Our unlimited appliance insurance offers coverage on all of the appliances of your choosing.

In the sudden event of a breakdown, would you know who to call and would you be able to have a replacement on hand for the next day?

Appliance insurance eliminates all of the stress that a breakdown can put your family under. We’ll have you covered if a mechanical breakdown, electrical breakdown or accidental damage were to occur.

“Accidental damage” is not applicable to televisions that are covered by your policy.

Do I need home appliance insurance?

If you often worry about the condition of your home appliances and what you could do if the worst were to happen, then insurance will help to put your mind at ease.

It offers solutions to all of the worries that can come with a new, expensive purchase for the whole family.

If a mechanical breakdown, electrical breakdown or accidental damage were to occur, we’ll have an engineer en route as soon as possible, with a replacement model on its way within the same day if necessary.

Can I insure more than one appliance?

Yes! Our unlimited, flexible coverage allows you to protect all of the appliances in your home that you deem necessary.

If you only want the washing machine and dishwasher covered, we’ve got you covered! If you want everything in your home covered, we can offer that too!

I’m renting, do I need appliance insurance coverage?

If you’re renting you won’t need any sort of building insurance, as you don’t own the property.

However, yes, content’s insurance is necessary if you’re wanting breakdown and accidental damage coverage on your appliances.

As a landlord, do I need to offer appliance coverage?

This will be dependent on the lender you go to.

Some lenders may allow you to not offer appliance insurance. But most require it to be an option so that tenants are protected no matter what happens.

Does home insurance cover the appliances in my home?

Home insurance will have your appliances covered in the event of a flood, storm, fire or robbery.

However, in the event of a breakdown or accidental damage, you’ll be on your own to sort out a solution.

Should I get appliance insurance if I still have a manufacturer’s warranty?

No, your manufacturer’s warranty will have your back for the entirety of the specified length.

However, once this warranty runs out, appliance insurance will help to eliminate the potential for costly fixes and unnecessary stress that can come with an unexpected breakdown.

Always keep on top of when the manufacturer’s warranty runs out, as from this point onwards you’re on your own without appliance insurance.

What are the limitations of some appliance insurance policies?

Some policies will limit the number of appliances that you can cover. Further, other policies may not allow you to choose the appliances you want to be covered.

At Smart Cover, we understand that no one knows better than yourself as to what is most valuable to you or your family. That’s why we offer unlimited, flexible coverage on all appliances around your home.

Is there a limit to the number of times you can make a claim?

At Smart Cover, our appliance insurance offers you an unlimited number of claims.

Terms and conditions apply to claims on appliances in the first 45 days of your policy. Check out our appliance insurance Ts & Cshere.

If repair is not possible, will my appliances be replaced with new ones?

If our engineers determine that a repair is just not possible, or ultimately not worth it, then we’ll have a like-for-like model en route to you in no time at all.

You should receive your new, replacement appliance within a day or two.

Does Smart Cover appliance insurance cover all call-out charges?

Yes! Smart Cover appliance insurance covers for losses up to the pre-declared value of the appliance or £500 per claim - this includes call-out fees, replacements, repairs and VAT.

Does it matter how old my appliance is?

We do not cover appliances that are over ten years old.

The age of your policy and appliance will determine the excess fee of the service we’re offering.