Customer Reviews

Buy with confidence! Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Please take a look and see what our customers are saying about their experiences with Customer Services, Claim ​Handing, and the Technical Support team. ​We are specialist insurance provider for Home Emergency, Gadgets, Satellite TV, TV’s, Kitchen Appliances and Mobile Phones.

Customer Services Reviews

Read what customers are saying about our Customer Services Team

Always helpful

The staff are polite, friendly and helpful at all times when we have had a problem. Thank you all, keep up the good work

"Mrs P. Callis, Kent"

1st Class

Keeping me informed was first class.

"Mr F. Cosgrove, Caithness"

Excellent Service

I think the service provided by Smart Cover was excellent and I am quite satisfied and happy with it.

"Mr B.Lee, Kent"

Very Satisfied

Very satisfied with the service I received with you. Thank you

"Mr G. Owen, Gwynedd"


The service was excellent. The young lady I spoke was fantastic for customer relations. Being an older lady, she made me most comfortable. Her knowledge was second to none. Thank you.

"Mr. J & B. Slevin. Enniskillen"


The call centre call advisor was most polite, very understanding and helpful. 10 out of 10 for back-up, advice and helpful

"Mrs.J. Mills, Telford"

Top Class

The service we had was top class ten out of ten. The advisor was most polite and understanding, well done Smart Cover many thanks.

"Mrs. J.Mills, Shropshire"

Dealt with Quickly

All promises of supply and help to synchronise remote control was quickly dealt with.

"Mr.G. Philips, Bury St. Edmunds"

Very Polite

I am a pensioner of 89yrs I did find the staff very polite and service fine. Mrs. E Patton. Cheshire

"Mrs. E.Pattern, Cheshire"


When contact was made. Smart covers response was quick and successful.

"Miss S. Elliott, London"

Kept up-to Date

Very pleased with the way I was kept up to date with everything. Overall good service from start to finish. Thank you.

"Mrs. V.Downie, Worcestershire"


I don’t think you could have done anything better, the service has been brilliant very efficient. I would highly recommend for other people to use Smart Cover

"Mr S. Hankinson, Merseyside"

Polite & Helpful

Engineer call out. All the people I dealt with both on the phone and the engineer who came to the house were polite & all were very helpful.

"Mrs. V.Cruddas, Durham"


Easy to contact instructions and advice very clear and not rushed at all.

"Mr W. Heard, Hull"

Good Work

The staff are polite, friendly and helpful at all times when we have had a problem. Thank you all, keep up the good work.

"Mrs. P.Callis, Kent"

Vulnerable Person

Excellent service on all counts. Thank you for your patience and perseverance, particularly with a vulnerable old person

"Ms Norah.M, Peeblesshire"

Technical Support Reviews

Read what customers are saying about Our Technical Support Team

Friendly Engineer

Support staff friendly and helpful. Engineer previously used was appointed and was excellent – adjusting time to suit my schedule

"Mr S Barret, Lowerstoft"

Great Engineer

I was more than happy with my experience. The engineer even called on his way home and knew exactly what the problem was and soon put it right. I was more than grateful. Thanks you very much

"Ms J. Richards, Wymondham"

Ariel Problems

Very pleased with service received as due to a heavy winds damage to Ariel was difficult to sort out. The engineer was very good at his job

"Mrs J.Elizabeth, Nottingham"

Satellite Box

Was completely satisfied with the job that was done. The staff member was very nice and explained everything fully to my husband which was just as well because the box wouldn’t work and the next day we did exactly as the staff member explained and got the box working again.

"Mrs E. Wratten, Glasgow"

Remote replacment

The Engineer was not involved as it was replacing of a remote control for a sky box quite satisfied.

"Mr J.Tanimowo, West Bromwich"

Satellite Dish

The work men were very polite and helpful and said if need be they could call back if my satellite dish wasn’t working properly.

"Mrs F. Yasmin, London"

Prompt Engineer

Your engineer came out very promptly and fixed the problem which lasted about 24hrs and then reverted back to the original problem. On speaking to your support dept. it was explained to me (very well) that it could be caused by something else which I am now attending to.

"Mr R. Copeland, Southport"


Helped to tune in remote control and phone operator was very helpful

"Mrs A. Seabourne, Ross-on-Wye"

Dish Re-aligned

Re-aligned dish and resolved problem. Great advice on issues with 2nds sky box now resolved. Very polite – efficient and explained all actions. Very impressed.

"Mrs B.Barrett, Lowerstoft"

Satellite Signal

The reason for the call out was Loss of Satellite signal. I am satisfied that repair was carried out satisfactory.

"Mr A.Bremmer, Glasgow"

TV Repair

Easy to get through to the right department very quick service and repair.

"Mrs B.Evans, Colwyn"

Satellite Signal

The engineer was very helpful and polite, and sorted out the problem.

"Mrs N.Weller, Sidcup"

TV Remote Control

Very efficient and direct service remote control replacement

"Mr C.Pembleton, Chesterfield"

TV Breakdown

Every part of work carried out with the up most and without intrusion to myself.

"Mrs A.Stallard, Bristol"

Fantastic Engineer

Your engineer was fantastic extremely courteous and friendly. Fully efficient with the system and solved the problem in minutes 1st rate service

"Mr J.Homes, Surrey"

Customer Claim Reviews

Read what customers are saying about our Claims Handling Process

Very Efficient Service

My problem was the remote control which was sent out to me very quickly so thanks for that. Very efficient service.

"Mrs McCarth, Cwmbran"

First Time

That’s the first time I have used your services my problem was resolved the next day which I thought was brilliant!

"Mr D.Carter, Bristol"

Totally Satisfied

I am totally satisfied with the way the claim was dealt with. The customer relations manager was very nice and helpful.

"Mrs M.Ashner, Twickenham"

Next day delivery

Good Service next day delivery – thank you.

"Mr H.James, London"


I am totally satisfied with the way the claim was dealt with. The customer relations manager was very nice and helpful.

"Mr M.Seal, Kent"

Quick Replacement

All promises of supply and help to synchronise remote control was quickly dealt with

"Mr G. Philips, Bury St.Edmunds"

Just Joined

As I had only joined your company and only just paid my yearly installment then the remote arrived next day by mail and not as stated 2-3 days – which I can’t fault at all.

"Mrs B.Williams, Cwmbran"

Senior Citizen

I have now had to call on your service twice both times all people dealt with were excellent, polite, helpful and very patient. I am a senior citizen and these things matter. All promises of supply and help to synchronise remote control was quickly dealt with

"Mrs. Brightman, Camberly"


Very happy with product and response.

"Mr R.Robins, West Yorkshire"

Kept Informed

Replacement arrived as specified, engineer very good kept us informed.

"Mr B.Edwards, Glamorgan"

Very easy

Called to report the problem, received a call same day to book an appointment with the engineer. All very easy.

"Miss K.Thompson, Kent"

Items Replaced

Replacement items was receive within a week, also I was talked through the installation process.

"Mr A.May, Ramsgate"

Very Pleased

I was very pleased the engineer came so quickly after we reported it.

"Mr L.Noke, Aberdeenshire"