Dishwasher Repair Tips

Dishwasher repair tips may help your fix your machine but to be sure of continuous operation you need the security of appliance insurance from Smart-Cover.

2 Dishwasher Repair Tips & Solutions

In case of a major problem you may need to call an engineer to take a look at your dishwasher because it isn’t working properly. But on the whole, a little bit of maintenance and care could help it run smoothly. These two tips can help you prevent many of the problems that many people unnecessarily experience with their dishwashers.

Know How To Clean the Dishwasher Filter

Most dishwashers will have three kinds of filters - a coarse filter, a micro filter and a mesh filter.

  • The coarse filter traps the larger bits of food like the leftover meat bits or pasta that wasn’t scraped off the bottom of the pot.
  • The smaller particles that pass through the coarse filter get stopped by the micro filter. This filter also stops dirt that comes up from the sump.
  • The mesh filter has the smallest holes. It tries to push all particles as much as possible towards the other two filters so that only the tiniest of debris passes through it into the sump.
  • Cleaning the filters regularly is vital to keeping your dishwasher working efficiently. Here are the steps involved in cleaning the filter:
  • First take out the small course filter which is at the centre. In some models you have to remove the filter completely but in others a full removal may not be necessary. Take a look at your user guide to find out the right way to remove or loosen the filter.
  • Once the coarse filter has been removed, you will find that the micro filter is pretty easy to get out without having to use any force. It usually just needs to be unscrewed or pulled out.
  • Once both of them are out, they need to be cleaned.
  • The course filter will usually have to be emptied because there will be larger particles in it.
  • The micro filter needs to be cleaned more gently so that it doesn’t get damaged. Running it under hot water is usually enough.
  • Once you have cleaned out both the filters, put them back in and you’re done!

Know how to clean the spray arms of the dishwasher

The spray arms on the dishwasher can get a little dirty and that’s why they have been made removable. But a lot of people completely forget about cleaning them. If you look closely, you are sure to find some food particles stuck there.

In some models, you can remove the spray arms simply by opening the clips that hold them while in some older models you may have to screw them off. Remember that in these models the screw will have a reverse thread so you’ll have to turn it in the opposite way from what you normally do. Once the arm is off, clean it well and then replace it.

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