10 Cool Gadgets You Need In Your Kitchen

Everyone loves gadgets to make life easier and here are some of the coolest kitchen gadgets. Remember to cover them with gadget insurance from Smart-Cover.

This article includes all the latest cool gadgets that you need in your kitchen. Not just do these kitchen gadgets make the kitchen look cool they will also make your life a whole lot easier, whether you’re cooking dinner or making a fruit smoothie you have all the help you need. These can make great gifts for someone who enjoys being in the kitchen, maybe you have a friend who is a talented chef or a fruit lover, there’s something for everyone. What’s great about these products as well is that they’re all available to buy on amazon.com.

1: This fish shape gadget separates the yolk and white of an egg in seconds. All you have to do is crack the egg into a bowl and use the fish to suction up the yolk, this is probably the easiest way to do it, and a plus is the colourful fish is a lot cooler than any other egg device. £7.48

2: This yellow banana slicer will cut your banana in seconds, and it creates perfect slices so great for anyone who likes things to be neat and perfect. It’s so easy and even great for the children as it isn’t sharp or dangerous as compared to a knife. £0.72

3: Rotato press is an automatic and adjustable device that not just peels your potatoes but also any other medium sized fruit or vegetable, because who enjoys peeling potatoes for an hour? £120.00

4: Do you struggle getting a neat, perfect cake slice? This cake slicer cuts the perfect slice every time without making a mess. £30.00

5: This multipurpose chopping block makes preparing the veg a whole lot easier, no mess, no extra chopping boards. This chopping board has extra compartments for you to place your cut vegetable peelings, or even wash your fruit or veg right next to the sink.  £10.00

6: If you’re a fan of Star Wars you’re going to love this Darth Vader inspired toaster. It would also make a great gift for a friend. The coolest thing about this toaster is that it has a heating element that toasts the Star Wars logo into the side of the bread. £60

7: These pizza scissors make cutting pizza a fun job, no mess, no crumbs just neat cut pizza. £8.99

8: A unicorn sprinkles shaker? Unicorn and sprinkles, a cool duo, right? This is great for the kids when baking cakes in the kitchen. £8.14

9: This skillet has five different slots, this means you can cook five different things at the same time and they won’t touch. This means your whole meal can be cooked in one pan with no mess. This can come in handy for families with allergies as this stops different foods from touching. For example, one-person in your family has a nut allergy and another person is celiac and can’t eat anything including gluten, this pan gives you the option to cook 6 of the same foods but cooked separately which would stop cross contamination. £41.69

10: Anyone who loves avocado this is for you, this 3-in-1 avocado slicer makes it easier than ever to slice your avocado perfectly. £9.99

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