Why is my washing machine leaking?

Why is my washing machine leaking?

Washing machine breakdowns can throw your whole schedule into a spin. Picking your outfit for the day is never easy. Not having your favourite outfits washed and ready makes it a lot more difficult. An overflowing laundry basket is definitely nothing short of a nightmare and we’d never wish that upon you. That’s why we’re here to help you understand why your washing machine is leaking. Some of these leaks need minor repairs, while some may need a lot more attention. Regardless, it's important to investigate the leak and get to the root cause of it.

Before you begin, make sure to turn off the machine using its controls and unplug the machine from the outlet. Make sure the machine is on a level surface and that all the taps are turned off. Now we’re all set to get our hands dirty and clothes clean!

  1. Inspect the supply and drain hoses:

The simple answer to ‘why is my washing machine leaking’ is an ill-fitted or clogged supply and drain hose. These hoses can get corroded with rust and often become brittle overtime. Excessive suds can cause these hoses to clog and, therefore, it’s essential to make sure you are using the right laundry products for your machine. In case it is clogged, clean the hoses and fix them again or if the hoses are bent, straighten them out. In case of damage, you will have to replace the punctured or damaged hose.
None of these? Check the supply hose gasket. The water supply hose has a gasket on either sides, which tends to become loose over time. You may need to replace these gaskets if loose.

  1. Move your attention to the pump filter:

This is a major cause for leaks in washing machines and so it’s important to clean your pump filter once every couple of months. This filter helps catch objects such as coins and buttons from entering the drain hose and clogging the hose. All you need to do is open the access panel and unscrew the pump filter. Make sure to place a tray or cloth underneath so it collects anything that falls from the pump. Clean the pump filter under a tap and wipe clean before screwing it back in. Make sure to inspect the filter for objects like coins before screwing it back in place. Place the access panel back into its place and your machine should now be leak-free!

  1. Is your machine well-balanced?

It may sound like an odd question, but hear us out. It’s important for your machine to be on a level ground to function well. Run this quick test to know if you’ve placed your machine on the right surface.
Try rocking your machine from side to side or from front to back. If the machine rocks excessively the flooring may be uneven or the machine’s feet may not be at level. With the help of a spirit level check the machine’s balance. You can adjust its balance by finding the lock nuts on the machine’s feet. Loosen the lock nut and turn the feet until they’re in contact with the floor. Make sure to tighten the lock nuts again by hand. Rather easy right? We agree!

  1. The right load gives you the best wash:

We’re sure you know your machine’s capacity. As a rule, never overload your machine with more clothes than its capacity. The detergent may not dissolve completely and get stuck between the creases of your clothes. A heavy load can also damage your machine over time thereby causing leaks. Make sure to check your machine’s capacity and never load more than it can handle.

  1. Check the door:

If you run the machine without closing the door properly, water can leak from the door. The tick you hear when you push it is your cue to knowing that the door has been closed securely. It is also important to check the door thoroughly. Is there a crack in the door itself? That’s probably because the seal is broken. Due to usage the seal often gets damaged, thereby causing a leak. Cleaning the seal regularly can prevent it from being worn out. May sound obvious, but the door is oftentimes looked over and, therefore, it is important to give it the attention and care it deserves. In addition to the door, also take a look at the detergent drawer. Make sure it’s closed properly. If the detergent draw isn’t securely closed, it will cause a leak, leaving soapy water all around your floor. Not only does it leave you with the hassle of half done laundry, but also with the task to clean and mop the floor to ensure no one slips or gets hurt. 

Just like with any other appliance, there’s no telling when your washing machine can act up. While you may be doing everything right, sometimes certain things that are beyond our control may cause a leak. Minor problems can usually be fixed easily and quickly, but for major problems you will need a professional to look into it. And when these problems arise after the guarantee period has lapsed, the leak can be expensive to repair and dirty laundry can start to pile up before you even know it. To cover for a rainy day, it is important to invest in washing machine insurance today. 

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