Smart Cover Insurance

Smart Cover Insurance Services is a trading name of Smart Cover Direct, the brainchild of a group of experts whose collective experience totals over 20 years in the insurance sector. Our vision of offering innovative insurance services has driven our business.

We tailor our products and services to the diverse backgrounds of our customers, enabling them to retain the valuables they worked so hard to get. What has made us the success story we are today is to do with our core values; a reliable and trusted insurance intermediary.

​Our personal line products offer a wide range of lifestyle protection via award-nominated consumer care. This is why our vast experience and targeted product lines can help you to overcome life’s unexpected challenges; be it broken household items, entertainment systems, home emergencies or legal matters.

Our goal is simple

To strengthen trust in our company by providing expert consumer care and products which meet our clients’ needs for today and tomorrow. As you will see, our products are designed and developed to provide flexible alternatives to any mainstream home and contents policy. Our products are also created to provide comprehensive protection of all household gadgets and appliances with added benefits of competitive premium rates, limited or no excess and streamlined, rapid claims settlement.

Awards & Recognitions

Smart Cover Insurance Services and all our products are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, providing you with further assurance of being protected and entitled to a high level of service.