7 Things That Your Home Emergency Insurance Should Cover

7 Things That Your Home Emergency Insurance Should Cover

Returning to a house in chaos can be extremely distressing. An adequate home emergency insurance policy can be a lifesaver by addressing any issues quickly and efficiently without worrying about hefty repair fees. An insurance policy tailored to the particular needs of a home is essential, however, as prices and protection levels can vary greatly.

Here are seven things in your home that your home emergency insurance policy should cover:

  • Security

Your home is vulnerable if you experience a burglary attempt or your locks break. Ensure that your insurance policy covers emergency repairs to protect your home immediately.

  • Plumbing

Plumbing is the system of pipes and drains that carry water in and out of your home. Awareness of potential water leaks or blockages in these pipes and drains is important. If not attended to quickly, these leaks and blockages can lead to serious damage. 

  • Boilers

If you have an aged boiler or one that uses oil or liquefied petroleum gas, ensure you are insured before signing a contract. Some insurance providers will not cover boilers that are more than 15 years old, while others may require you to have an annual boiler maintenance contract in place.

  • Toilets

Having a toilet malfunction can be a nightmare. Not only can leaking water cause problems, but it can also cause waste to be released into your home. With good home emergency insurance, you can be covered if your toilet is not working correctly, such as being blocked, not flushing, leaking, or having a broken pipe.

  • Vermin Infestation

Vermin infestation is when an area is infested with unwanted animals, such as rats, mice, bees, and wasps. People who live in rural areas are especially prone to this, but it can happen anywhere. If you don't want to live with these pests, check if your insurance will cover removing them.

  • Power Supply

With a power supply, life can be easier. Without electricity, we couldn't use any of the appliances and devices we rely on. If something goes wrong, like a cut wire, gas pipe, or a power outage, having a home emergency cover can help restore power quickly and safely. Without it, we would have to go without the comforts and conveniences of modern life.

  • Alternative Accommodation

If an emergency happens and your home is no longer safe or comfortable, your home emergency insurance should cover the cost of staying in a different place. Check how much your insurance will pay each night and how long it will cover.

Why Get Home Insurance Cover

Home emergency cover can help you prepare for sudden expenses that come with a home emergency. The bills can be quite costly, and it's worth looking into insurance before such things happen. This can include plumbing and drainage issues, boiler breakdowns, electrical supply failures, and so on. 

Home Insurance Cover can act like an assistance in the event some related mishap occurs. If something does happen, the policyholder can file a claim and be reimbursed for the damages. 


Having home emergency insurance is important to ensure there are no inconveniences for your family. It is important to consider your family's and your home's specific needs to ensure that your emergency policy is tailored to your unique needs. By investing in a comprehensive home emergency policy, you can protect yourself and your family from various potential damages.

At Smart Cover, we aim to provide our customers with reliable cover for a wide range of household products. Our competitive premium rates, limited excesses and streamlined claims settlement ensure all our customers receive professional service and, above all, peace of mind. If you want to get home emergency insurance, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call today and let’s talk!