Home emergency – Everything You Need To Know

With emergency home cover from Smart-Cover you can avoid the costs of parts and repairs when faced with heating, plumbing, drainage and other issues.

What is Home Emergency Insurance?

Home emergency insurance is designed to cover you if you experience an emergency in your home that needs fixing as quick as possible. Things such as burst pipes, water leaks and pest infestations are what’s covered with home emergency insurance.


What is the difference between Home Insurance and Home Emergency?

Home insurance will ocver any money spent due to a fire, flood or theft but that is all it will cover and nothing more, for example it wont fix your boiler if it breaks down.

Some home insurance policies come with emergency cover included, however most dont include home emergency so you will have to buy it as a standalone product. Buying Home emegergency insurance alone instead of joining it on to your home insurance may benefit you as you're able to specify your cover to match your needs.

If you’re worried about an emergency occurring in your home such as faulty heating/ loose locks/doors and any other disasters that require urgent attention, then home emergency may be something to look in to. Home emergency will be there to relieve any stress due to an emergency. If you need help immediately you will be able to call a number that was assigned to you when you bought the policy and your insurer will send one of their trusted engineers out to your home.


How much does Home Emergency cost?

Having home emergency cover will prevent any panic when something goes wrong, but different policies will range in prices and levels of protection, so it’s important to pick the right one for you and make sure you’re getting the right deal. Policies can range from £35 up to £500 annually, which is quite expensive considering you never know how many times you’re going to be in an emergency. The cost will depend on what cover you’re getting and what type of assistance you want. It’s important not to go for the cheapest just because it’s cheap, because that policy may not cover what’s most important to you.


What does Home ​Emergency Insurance cover?

Emergency cover will usually protect things such as:

  • Failure of electricity – You will be covered for complete loss of electricity within your home due to an issue within your property, as opposed to problems before the electricity enters your home.
  • Emergency plumbing/drainage – If there is a problem with the water supply, a leak or any other fault with the plumbing and drainage system then cover means a plumber will be sent out to attempt fixing the problem.
  • Problems with your heating/boiler – If you are left with no hot water or central heating due to system failure your insurer will send out a tradesperson to your address to fix the issue, some insurers will give you a fixed amount towards to cost of a new boiler if yours is not repairable.
  • Pest infestations – If any pests set up home in your home then a pest controller will be sent to remove them as quickly as possible.
  • Problems with locks/windows/doors – If your home is left unsafe because of broken doors/windows and locks then a tradesperson will visit your house to make sure your home is secure.

Insurers vary, and some may even cover additional things which is why it’s good to look around before buying.


Things to do before you buy:

  • Check the company’s reviews – Before you buy, check out the company, what else do they sell? Have people bought from them before? Are people saying good things about them? It’s important to look at reviews so you know the quality of the provider and if you can trust them.
  • Read through the policy documents/terms and conditions – The provider should always include a document stating the policy restrictions, which for example could include how old your boiler can be for them to cover you. It is important to look at his document, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Check your getting the right price – Make sure to look around at different prices and different cover so you have a choice and buy one that suits your needs, at a good price. There’s no point buying a policy because you think it includes more just because its more expensive, if you look around you may find a cheaper policy that has more benefits suited to you.

Home Emergency Insurance at Sma​​​​​​​​​rt Cover

Home Emergency Coveris designed to get an engineer to attend your emergency as soon as possible. We cover your home for multiple emergencies - whether your central heating decides to pack up on a cold winter’s night, or a serious water leak threatens to cause water damage to your home. We are here to get it fixed.


Damage to roof or home following bad weather conditions, falling tree's etc.

Locks and Doors

Damage or failure of door, locks and windows.

Heating System

Your Heating system will be fixed in no-time


Wasps, rats, mice, ants and more.

Boiler Breakdown

We will assist you and pay for the call out, labour and parts.

Lost Keys

The loss or theft of the only available keys if you can't replace them.

Electrical Emergencies

Restore the electricity system following an emergency or complete failure.

Plumbing Emergencies

Burst pipes & leaks. Domestic water supply, failure, blockage, drains etc.


Home Emergency Cover
Instant Benefits at Smart Cover

  • 24hr claims line.
  • Unlimited number of claims.
  • Unlimited number of call outs.
  • UK-wide audited and monitored contractor network.
  • Fast emergency response.
  • Everything You Need To Know About Home Emergency Insurance

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