Home Emergency Cover

Every home insurance policy covers fire, flood and theft. However, when it comes to your boiler breaking down or your pipes got damaged.

Home emergency home protection - a helping hand when you need it the most

​Every home insurance policy covers fire, flood and theft. However, when it comes to your boiler breaking down or your pipes bursting, it’s a different story. This is where home emergency cover comes in. Read on to discover how this inexpensive insurance can give every homeowner complete peace of mind.

What is home emergency?

​Whether your boiler’s on the blink, your drain’s blocked or you’ve locked yourself out, home emergency cover guarantees a rapid response. With a network of experts to call on and no excess to pay, this valuable insurance covers a wider range of emergencies than most standard home insurance policies. Here’s our guide to the help you can expect.

​Plumbing and drainage emergencies

​With home emergency cover, there’s no need to spend hours hunting for a reliable plumber. Burst pipes, leaks resulting in water damage and issues with your water supply are all covered. Simply phone your insurer’s emergency number and they’ll arrange for an expert to sort out the problem.
You might be surprised to know that some home emergency policies even cover dripping taps. Overflow pipes are also included, as are blocked drains. However, be aware that you may not be covered if the blockage is due to an avoidable build up of fats or oils.
Pipes outside the boundary of your home are normally excluded from home emergency cover, as are leaks from showers, baths or sinks.

​Heating emergencies

​Cover for your central heating boiler and radiators is a key feature of all home emergency policies. Your allocated engineer will do everything possible to bring your boiler back to life, replacing parts where possible. Pipes and radiators are also covered.
Our most popular home emergency cover even includes an annual service to keep your boiler in tip top condition.

​Electrical and gas supply emergencies

​A decent home emergency policy will cover damage to your internal gas supply pipe. However, if you do suspect a leak, you must report it to the National Gas Emergency Service, as they’ll need to isolate it before any repair takes place.
Electrical emergencies are also included in home emergency cover. So if you temporarily lose your power supply, your insurer will arrange for an engineer to restore it as quickly as possible.

​Security emergencies

​Lost your keys? Don’t panic! Simply phone your cover providers and they’ll arrange for an expert to gain access to your home. Your policy will also include replacing or temporarily fixing any broken or damaged doors, locks and windows.

​Roofing emergencies

​With storms predicted to become more intense due to climate change, it’s good to know that home emergency cover includes repair to storm damaged roofs. So whether a tree has damaged your roof or you’ve lost some tiles, your insurer will send an expert to carry out a repair or provide a replacement. Your guttering and downpipes are also covered.

​Infestation emergencies

​If critters make your skin crawl and you’re repulsed by rats, you’ll be glad to know that home emergency cover includes dealing with pest infestations. This is an important benefit, because as well as being a nuisance, some pests can cause damage and disease.
It’s worth checking which pests are covered by your policy, as exclusions can apply.  Need further advice? Head over to the British Pest Control Association’s website, where there’s plenty on offer..

Toilet emergencies

​If your toilet’s flushing mechanism fails, your insurer will consider this to be an emergency. Don’t despair! An experienced plumber will quickly be dispatched to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, home emergency cover doesn’t generally include cracked toilets or cisterns. Damaged sinks, baths and showers are also excluded.

​How to claim

​If you experience an emergency in your home, ring your provider’s emergency contact number and they’ll arrange for an approved engineer to visit you. Never try and arrange a repair yourself, as you may find that your costs aren’t fully reimbursed.

Smart Cover’s Home Emergency Cover offers excess free protection for your home, 365 days a year. Claim lines are open 24/7 and all repairs are guaranteed for 12 months. Our cover even includes unlimited call-outs, as well as an annual boiler service.
Why not get covered today and enjoy complete peace of mind?