iPhone 7 - Is This The Future!

The Apple iPhone 7 is hailed as the mobile phone of the future. Get yours now and then get phone insurance from Smart-Cover.

In a few weeks Apple is said to be finally revealing the long awaited iPhone 7 and we cannot wait.

Ever since information about the iPhone 7 has been leaked online, people have been speculating about what might come from the new product. Leaked specifications and predictions have given people all over the world a chance to try to predict and replicate what the new model may look like.

One major difference in the iPhone 7 seems to be the camera. Some leaked images apparently show the iPhone 7 featuring a dual lens rather than the singular lens Apple has used since the first iPhone.

Other leaked images show the iPhone having a singular, larger lens. With both possibilities, it’s certain Apple is aiming to improve the resolution as they have done for previous iPhones. They have already managed to achieve DSLR quality but it seems the iPhone may soon have a better camera than most high-end cameras on the market.


Recreations of what the iPhone 7 is predicted to look like show the the model to be very much similar to the iPhone 6, with some slight differences. The case seems to be thinner, with edges more beveled and refined. This may be due to the repositioning of the antenna inside the new model, which will go around the edges rather than down the back, producing this new look. Other leaked images show the iPhone being either semi or fully made of waterproof material.

However, this is not new in the world of smart phones, with Sony and Samsung making use of this with their own products. Leaked images also show Apple dropping the classic physical home screen button and instead using a digital button. Some are speculating that Apple may ditch the classic, bordered screen look and instead make the entire front side of the phone a screen. Many digital and physical recreations of this idea have been created, and others have predicted the new design will be a curved screen.

There are also rumours that the new iPhone will be dropping the headphone jack and instead use the lightning port as its’ headphone slot as well as being the port for charging. If this is the case, it would make it impossible to use the charger and headphones simultaneously.

However the lightning port has been said to improve audio quality, even in compressed audio files, as well as remove previous issues with hissing during playback, and to some, the jack could be considered outdated. The lightning charger will also charge at a much faster rate; charging for 15 seconds results in 30 minutes of extra battery life. Other speculations include Apple possibly using a USB-C port in the future, similar to the ones used on Mac computers. More detailed spec for the iPhone 7 discussed here at MacRumors

Wireless charging may also be introduced with the iPhone 7 or other future models. Images show an iPhone being charged on a pad plugged using a lightning charger which can send power at a short distance. There may be a possibility in the future of wirelessly charging phones from further distances in the future.

Quicktype is a new feature similar to autocorrect, however this can use data from third party apps to use and predict words used by a person. Another improvement is the photos app. The iPhone 7 can now use facial recognition on photos and videos and sort them by person, place and time. It can also create smart albums and highlight reels called Mementoes. Maps have also been redesigned, they are now simpler and easier to use.

A new feature includes the ability to filter and sub-filter specific places. Other new features include a redesigned iOS (iOS 10), improvements to Siri, redesigned Apple Music and a new Messages app.

Any of these predictions may be something close to what will be released, or they could be rumours, but regardless we’re excited to see what Apple will come out with. When it does come out and your one of the lucky owners, don't forget to take out the right  Gadget Cover for your expensive shiny iPhone 7, as accidents do happen.

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