Extended Warranty Running Out

Appliance insurance from Smart-Cover is a better option than extended warranty. Appliance insurance is better value for money and provides wider cover.

Have you ever had your washing machine, dishwasher or television break down only to find that it is just out of its appliance warranty? Whilst writing this a friend of mine added on Facebook that her washing machine had broken down and she was quoted £150 for it to be mended and had to pay over £50 for the engineer to tell her that! This is when you realise that perhaps it would have been better if you had taken out Appliance Insurance.

Appliances do not seem to be built to last these days

Have you also noticed that some washing machines do not seem to last quite as long as they used to? This is because many manufacturers want to keep costs down. Some of the motors inside are welded rather than bolted and many parts are simply not available. Often it is much cheaper to just replace the whole washing machine.

Am I covered by building and contents insurance?

Most homes are covered by building and contents insurance nowadays giving you security in the event of damage, fire or theft. Buildings and contents insurance does not usually include cover if your appliance suddenly ceases to function but it is always preferable to check. This is where signing up for extended warranty appliance insurance can help, by providing speedy solutions for any appliance emergencies such as a leaking washing machine or a TV Breakdown.

Do you really need an extended warranty appliance insurance?

If your appliance warranty has run out and you can’t afford to replace an appliance if it breaks down, it always worth taking out suitable protection. Appliances like toasters or kettles probably don’t need to be covered, but when it comes to more expensive and complex appliances like a fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer, TV’s and entertainment systems these are not cheap to fix or replace.

An extended warranty insurance policy is most likely to be cheaper than replacing an appliance that you have recently bought. The value of your appliances should play a huge role in whether you opt for appliance insurance. If your appliances are more than eight years old then warranty insurance may cost more than it is worth.

Please note: some extended warranty providers do not cover accidental damage or have an unlimited claims policy, so it’s better to take out a policy that is sure to fit your needs.

Also not all companies are FCA regulated which provides extra consumer protection in case of a company going into bankruptcy. However the good news, if you have insured your TV, Sky satellite equipment or kitchen appliances with us, it only takes one phone call to take care of your TV, Sky satellite equipment or kitchen appliances.

We’ll contact and arrange for a trusted local engineer to visit you. If your TV, Sky equipment and kitchen appliances can’t be repaired we’ll make arrangement for a like for like replacement with no fuss or hassle.

Appliance insurance is a valuable safety net for homeowners. It provides covering against unexpected breakdowns and malfunctions of essential household appliances. 

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