The Future of TV Viewing is Changing

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The way we choose to watch television programmes is rapidly changing!

Now and in the future our television choice won’t be so much about television ‘bundles’ but more about having a library of programmes that the viewer can pick or choose.

Viewers say they only want to pay for the dozen or so channels they watch, however, to identify those channels is a lot more difficult than it sounds, especially if it means they have to give up many other channels. The bundle does make economic sense by having larger networks subsidising smaller ones.

Live sports are the most expensive programmes to watch and in order to pay for these viewers are often being charged much more on their ‘bundles package’ for sports channels when they don’t watch it very much.

Many of us do not watch ‘live’ television – just programmes that we choose ‘on demand’ like a library or very much like the internet. Choose the titles you want to watch and then settle down to watch with no interruptions.

More and more people are watching a whole series of shows in a weekend – back-to-back

I know many people who watched the whole episodes of the popular dramas ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Homeland’ in a weekend! Many viewers get interested in a story and decide to keep watching over the following few days. People are getting used to watching what they want when they want rather than waiting for a week to watch the next episode on linear television.

During this year things are about to change drastically

Over the next year or two, programming will go from a linear base to a primarily library based one. There will still be live event shows and networks will still highlight new episodes of series and Coronation Street, East Enders and Emmerdale etc. but what will change are all the filler shows that are perhaps repeats – they will be available on an On-demand basis.

The change with how we watch television will begin with the on-line guide – rather than asking ‘What is on television now’ we will ask ‘What would you/I like to watch now’? Then we will be given a choice of options. It will be rather like going on to You Tube and picking out what we would like to watch.

How will money be made for the networks?

Adverts will probably be strategically placed as on You Tube. At the moment advertising space is sold months in advance but as television is such a money-spinner adaptions will be made and new pricing strategies will be laid out. In 2019 our viewing habits will be very different from the way they are now as the changes are happening very quickly in the fast-paced world of television and media. The way we watched television in past years will seem very old-fashioned to the youngsters of today.

So get ready to watch what you want, when you want it, at a much lower price. A better deal for us all.

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