Do you need home emergency insurance coverage?

Do you need home emergency insurance coverage?

Home emergency insurance covers the cost of fixing and first call-out for issues that put your health, security, or home at risk.

This includes issues relating to plumbing, electrics, pipes, pests, locks, doors/windows, and lost keys.

The buck stops there however, following a fix you’ll have to rely on your home insurance for cover relating to the damage that was caused by the home emergency issues.

If you’re renting then it is the responsibility of your landlord to fix any emergency issues as swiftly as possible.

Check your home insurance cover before confirming anything

Your home insurance may already cover home emergencies, so you could be purchasing something that you don’t even need.

Further, some policies will offer home emergency cover as an optional extra. More often than not, as an added extra, the cover can be significantly cheaper.

If you’re not covered by your home insurance and are keen on emergency insurance then it’s important to compare and check what different policies offer and for how much.

The terms and conditions to keep an eye out for

Different home emergency policies will offer varying levels of coverage. Keep an eye out for extra cover and exclusions like the following.

Alternative accommodation cover

Some policies offer temporary accommodation if the damages to your home are extensive, making it unsafe to stay there. If you don’t want or need this, some policies are flexible and will allow you to remove it and save money.

Boiler protection

A good amount of policies include the extra option of boiler protection and maintenance as regular boiler maintenance is often one of the requirements needed for your coverage to be applicable.


Ultimately, it’s your decision.

If you feel that the added protection and security will keep your mind at ease in the event of an emergency then you should probably look into ahome emergency insurancepolicy.

If you don’t feel that it will be of use to you or your already covered by your home insurance, then no stress. Just make sure to always keep an eye on alternative policies with premiums that could be a lot cheaper when your current coverage expires.