Boiler flashing red light

A flashing red light in your boiler might signify several issues, but it frequently denotes a problem with the ignition process.
  • Boiler red light

Examine the display that is located on the boiler's front. If there is a problem, boilers often flash an error code. While some boilers lack digital displays, they may have a red light flashing on boiler lights that signal a failure.

A flashing red light might signify several issues, but it frequently denotes a problem with the ignition process. You can attempt a boiler reset. Nothing can be visible on the monitor if the power source is malfunctioning. When E1 and 19 are shown immediately after each other, the error code may resemble a red light. The low system pressure indication E1-19.

Error codes for typical issues vary between boilers. If the thermostat and receiver communications have been broken and pairing is required a red flashing light on the receiver will show this. Your thermostat won't control your boiler, and your heating system won't operate. To fix this problem, please adhere to the steps below.

  • The boiler constantly needs resetting

Numerous built-in safety precautions on gas boilers stop them from starting if anything goes wrong. You won't be able to reset the boiler if any issues are found that might endanger your safety; if you cannot reset your boiler, it won't start. Call your Engineer, or benefit from your Smart Cover boiler insurance cover.

Your boiler should only need to be restarted occasionally. If you discover that you need to do this a lot, there is probably a problem with the system that has to be fixed. Regular breakdowns can be brought on by a faulty pump, a leak in the system, an electrical problem, or a clogged heat exchanger.

When resetting your boiler, the maker and the fault code are the two factors that count. 

Ideal Boiler Fault Codes

First, identify the boiler's trouble code using the link above.

The next step is to adhere to the directions in your boiler manual. Be sure to follow the instructions in the manual that came with your boiler because different boiler makes and models have different procedures.

Please carefully study the directions in your boiler manual and verify your problem code. The troubleshooting part of your manual will be helpful to you.

Last moment checks

Check to see if your boiler has a functioning electric and gas supply; if you've attempted to reset it and it has not reset. You can tell whether there is electricity if your display is lighted. 

Contact a boiler Engineer at ( if you are sure your boiler has a gas and electric supply and can still not restart it.

What does a flashing red light on a worcester boiler mean?

Many worcester boilers feature a flashing blue light, but some also have a flashing red light. This often means that a qualified heating specialist needs to service your boiler. Give us a call, and we'll identify the source of the issue and perform any required repairs at a fair fee.

How can I fix a worcester bosch boiler with a flashing blue light?.

You should get in touch with our staff of qualified, licensed heating specialists if your Worcester Bosch boiler displays a blue flashing light and an error code. Since there are several possible causes, we can identify the fault's nature.

If the blue light flashes, indicating that the flame required to heat the water is not detected, the EA error code will often show. It could be a result of

  • The boiler has no gas supply.

  • The gas pressure is too low.

  • It has a clogged flue.

  • Condensate pipe obstruction

  • The ignition lead or electrode has a problem.

  • The flame sensor is malfunctioning.

It's usually advisable to call our skilled specialists unless you can quickly identify the issue, such as when the gas supply to your residence has been cut off. We can safely do the required examinations before performing or arranging the necessary repairs or replacements to get your heating system back up and running.

How does a worcester boiler reset work?

You can get your boiler running again if you know how to reset it. However, if the EA error code is present, you should refrain from resetting the boiler until one of our Gas Safe professionals has examined it.

Push the reset button and hold it down for three seconds to reset the boiler. You can discover that your Worcester boiler lacks a button if it is one of the particular versions. Instead, a reset light might be shown at the temperature dial's terminus. You must turn the dial down to the reset light on this kind of boiler before you can reset it.

How to reset a vaillant boiler

  • Find the reset button for the boiler.

  • The button should be clearly labelled RESET in your instruction booklet and will have a flame, flashing light, or cross on it. You may recognize this since your unique model's complete schematic will be supplied in the instruction booklet for your boiler.

  • Keep holding down the reset button.

  • The reset button should only be used once since continuous presses might harm the boiler's control panel. This can then result in the need for more repairs and three seconds of button holding.

  • You should be able to tell whether your boiler has been reset after holding the button down for three seconds since the display will change.

  • We advise contacting a Gas gas-safe engineer for assistance to explore the issue further if a fault code persists after a reset.

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Boiler red light FAQs

  • What does a flashing red light on my boiler mean?

A flashing red light typically indicates a fault or error with your boiler. The exact meaning can vary depending on the boiler make and model. Refer to your boiler's manual for specific interpretations of the light signal.

  • What should I do if my boiler has a flashing red light?

Check the boiler display: Many boilers display error codes alongside the flashing light. Look for these codes and consult your manual for their meaning.

Consult your boiler manual: The manual will provide troubleshooting steps specific to your boiler model.

  • Attempt a reset (if applicable)

Some boilers allow a reset procedure. Refer to the manual for proper instructions. Important: If the reset fails or your boiler has a persistent flashing red light, avoid further attempts and seek professional help.


Before beginning any troubleshooting, it is crucial to review the instruction handbook for your boiler and, if unsure, seek the help of a Gas Safe Registered expert. A flashing red light on your boiler usually indicates a problem with the ignition process. It could also mean other things, depending on the make and model of your boiler. If you see a flashing red light, it's important to consult your boiler's manual or call a qualified engineer to diagnose and fix the problem.