Tips For Choosing The Best TV

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From curved to flat-screen televisions, Plasma TVs to LEDs, LCDs, OLEDs and more, the choices are endless. While this diverse TV market means there is sure to be one model out there that is just right for you, it does make the choosing more complicated.

It’s not easy but these few tips will help you narrow down that overwhelmingly long list.

First, A Look At The Size

When it comes to televisions, size does matter and it’s not just the size of the screen or the space available for placing the television. You also have to consider the viewing distance. It is recommended that you sit at least four to five feet away to view a 17-27” TV comfortably. However, you would need to sit at least 10 feet away to view a 55” screen. Resist the urge to buy a larger screen if you do not have the space to sit at the minimum required distance. Not only will the picture quality suffer but you will also strain your eyes.

Curved or Flat TV?

Curved screens have more advanced technology. The colours are truer and the depth-enhancing technology provides a more immersive viewing experience, which is something that any television buff is sure to appreciate. However, the limitation with curved TV screens is that they cannot be mounted on the wall. You will have to place the television on a flat table-top or a TV cabinet. This could end up occupying a fair amount of space so make sure you have that much space to spare.

Techrader also provide a helpful list of the best TV's of 2016 which you may find helpful. They provider a deeper review of some of the most popular models.

LED or OLED technology?

Both are good but OLED takes the technological advancement one step further. OLED is the latest technology being used in televisions. It produces smoother images and reduced motion blur so your viewing experience is outstanding.

Top 5 Televisions To Choose From

We’ve put together a few television models that have received rave reviews from earlier buyers.

1- LG OLED TV E6 series – 55-inch and 65-inch

The LG OLED E6 series is sought-after for its ultra-slim design, stunning contrast and exceptional picture and sound quality. The one drawback to this series is its high price. If you can afford it though, there is nothing quite like it.

2- Panasonic DX802 Series – 50-inch and 58-inch

The Panasonic DX802 series also combines a sleek design with outstanding sound and picture quality and at a lower price range. It is great value for money.

3 - Sony W805/809C Series – 43-inch and 50-inch

Sony never disappoints when it comes to their television models. The W805/809C Series delivers on all fronts, from amazing picture quality to its gorgeous, space-saving design. All of this with a price that’s friendly on the pocket.

4 - Samsung KS7000 Series – 49-inch and 55-inch

The Samsung KS7000 series offers great all-round picture and sound quality with ultra-bright HDR pictures at a competitive price. Keep in mind that you will need a large-sized table to place it on. It boost 64 times more colour than other Ultra HD TV’s. Recent customers comments include “Great picture and easy to set up and use”.

5 - Sony XD9405 Series – 75-inch

If you have the space and you are looking for a home theatre system rather than a simple television, you won’t find anything better than the 75-inch Sony KD-75XD9405. The picture quality is stunning and amazingly detailed.

These represent a good range of TV’s for you to consider when making your next purchase. Also, undertake your own reviews and finish it off by visiting a few electrical appliance stores to view your TV selection in person. There is nothing like seeing it for yourself. Beware when viewing a TV in store as this always gives the impression of looking smaller because of the large surroundings. Take a tape measure and stick to your choice size to avoid any buying errors.

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