Robotic House Gadgets

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Helping Make Life One Big Party!

Have you ever imagined there would be a time where robotic home gadgets are not just on the big screen and that they’re actually a reality?

Everyday household chores can be a time-consuming, energy-draining reality for most. If you’ve ever wished you had a handy little gadget that would do all or at least some of your home chores for you, you’re wishes are about to come true. These are just 3 of many different types of robotic home gadgets that are making life one big party for homeowners today.

1 - Robot Vacuum

Freddy Mercury may have portrayed the house work in a hilariously fun manner however many individuals will disagree with him. Combined with the loveable yet messy monsters we know as children and pets, this task can quickly become more than a quick whip around. With a robot vacuum you won’t have to spend hours on your feet, cleaning the dirt and hair off the floors and carpets. Instead, you can bust out the karaoke machine and belt out “I Want to Break Free” along with Freddie whilst your wonder gadget sucks up every bit of fluff, fur and dust from all the nook and cranny’s throughout your household.

Some of the more advanced models are fully programmable, so you can even set them to vacuum before you get home in the evening. These advanced models do not need to be supervised at all. They are capable of detecting stairs and obstacles, cleaning hard-to-reach places.

2 - Robotic Window Cleaner

We’d all love to have consistently clean smear-free windows but anyone who has tried a bit of DIY window cleaning can tell you that not only can it be a real drag but depending on where it is that you live it can be hazardous too. Cleaning some of the windows that are at a higher level will require you to do the job while balanced precariously on a tall ladder, or maybe even hanging out the window of your block of flats trying not to look down yet still achieve that smear free look you desire. Whatever the circumstances this danger increases manifold if the weather is bad.

A robotic window cleaner will do the job for you whilst you sit back and relax. These incredibly nifty little robotic home gadgets cleverly stick to the surface of the window through suction, and will keep going till they have cleaned and polished every inch of your window panes.

3 - Robotic Bartender

What’s the worst part about hosting a party? You’re the only one at work, measuring jiggers, refilling glasses and restocking the ice pail while everyone else is having a blast. Not anymore. With a robotic bartender, you can mix and mingle with your guests while your programmable little bar buddy mixes and shakes the cocktails. Different models have different capabilities. Some are even capable of mixing more than 200 different varieties of cocktails!

Owning a robotic device to do all of your household chores can be extremely tempting. However, the only downside to owning these ingenious robotic home gadgets is that they can set you back a pretty penny.

If you do decide to invest in some robotic home gadgets, it is advisable to get them insured against any type of accidental damage or electrical breakdown.

Gadgets insurance offers a safety net for our cherished electronic companions. In a world driven by technology, it provides a shield against unexpected mishaps and wear and tear. 


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