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3 Of The Most Expensive Gadgets in The World

The following article contains some of the most ridiculous creations this side of the year 2000. Some may ask… “Are expensive gadgets worth the price you pay for them or are they just a waste of money?” Your answer would most likely depend on which side of the money-line you are considered to be on.

Anyone who has more money than they knew what to do with would not think twice about indulging on the most expensive gadgets that are available. Imagine the bragging rights that come with such an acquisition!

Those of us that don’t live such insane lifestyles believe that we are above such ostentatious displays of wealth. I don’t know about you, but if I had millions I could think of more constructive things to spend it on than these crazy products.

Still, whether we can afford it or not, you may not help but be curious about which gadgets make the grade as the top 3 most expensive and why. Behold these answers may surprise you.

1. IPhone 5 Black Diamond – £ 10,260,000.

Yes! You did just read that correctly at over £ 10 million and almost double the price of the next contender, the iPhone 5 Black Diamond is hands down the most expensive gadget on the market today.

Structured using 135 gram of solid 24-carat gold with a sapphire glass set forming the screen. The chassis, inlaid with approximately 600 flawless white diamonds complimented with another 53 perfectly cut diamonds adorning the Apple logo on the back. There is more… The highlight of this solid-gold, diamond-encrusted iPhone 5 is the single, flawlessly deep-cut, 26 carat black diamond that replaces the home button.

The iPhone 5 Black Diamond was designed and created by Stuart Hughes, renowned for his extremely elaborate recreations of popular gadgets.

2. IPad 2 Gold History Edition- £ 5,468,000.

Whilst Stuart Hughes created ripples with his earlier creation, he really outdid himself with designing the iPad 2 Gold History Edition. The back of this “historic” tablet is built using 2 kilograms of solid 24-carat gold, the Apple logo on the back is encrusted with 53 individually set, flawless diamonds. Unbelievably these precious-metal, precious-stone features pale in comparison to the historical component embedded into the phone.

The main front frame is composed of Ammolite, which at 75 million years, is the world’s oldest known rock. Coalesced amidst the Ammolite, splintered and shaved sections of a 65-million year old Tyrannosaurus-Rex femur. Resulting in a fiery marble frame coloured with deep shades of brown, red and green. This exotically pre-historic frame is finished off with a single cut 8.5-carat diamond that is inlaid in its own platinum surround finished with 12 outer diamonds – all flawless of course.

The iPad 2 Gold History Edition may be a little more than half the price of the iPhone 5 Black Diamond but for sheer sensational and Jurassic value this is a hard act to follow!

3. Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Loudspeakers Gold Edition £ 3,236,000.

Priced at a little over £3 million, the one-of-its-kind pair of 18-carat gold Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Loudspeakers claim 3rd place in the list of most expensive gadgets. Only one buyer will get to own this exclusive pair. The others will have to settle for the silver editions priced at £217,000 a pair, limited to 5 sets. There is also the options of having one of the 99 pairs in bronze for a much more affordable £45,000 per pair in bronze.

The Hart Audio’s D&W Aural Pleasure Loudspeaker offers a listening experience that is unparalleled. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a £3 million sound system! The gadgets you own may not reach the top 3 or even the top 100 most expensive gadgets in the world (As you can see the bar is set high with the ten million pound iPhone).

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