Smart Technology

Smart Technology

Smart technology is not just for the techies who love tinkering around with geeky gadgets and gizmos. Neither is it exclusively for the super-rich who have it in abundance and are constantly on the search for something extraordinary to spend their money on (Check out our ‘3 Most Expensive Gadgets’ article to see just how insane the super-rich can be. Smart technology is readily available to a variety of people and is more common than ever before.

Programmable temperature settings, One-button centralised lighting control, remotes that open and shut the living room blinds... These are just some of the ways that many of use smart technology in our homes. But the big question is, do we really need it or is it all just a little too highly overrated?

This list of benefits smart technology can offer may be an eye opener.

1. Smart Technology Helps Conserve Energy.

Diminishing fuel sources combined with rising energy costs have made energy conservation a top priority for some. Smart technology helps by automating home energy usage. Many of us forget to switch off the lights or turn off the thermostat before we leave home, resulting in a huge waste of energy and money, both of which we can ill afford. In homes that use smart technology, light usage is automatically regulated, heating and cooling equipment is monitored and appliances are shut off if not in use. Homeowners have the added benefit of being able to turn appliances on or off while they are away from home. This not only saves money, but also helps protect the environment.

2. Offers Convenience At Various Levels.

Smart technology can make it possible for you to accomplish several tasks with just a few clicks, often without the need to even move. You can adjust the temperature or dim the lighting in the room, control the music levels, lock all the doors and close the garage with just a few clicks. Some of the more advanced systems are capable of ‘sensing’ your preferences by reading through the light, noise and temperature settings and will adjust automatically so even those few clicks are redundant. That takes convenience to a whole new level.

3. Offers An Unprecedented Level Of Security.

Smart technology is far more effective at preventing intrusions as compared to manually operated security systems. Smart home security systems warn homeowners of potential threats inside the home or on their property. Some even text or phone homeowners to alert them about break-ins while the police or external security company are also being informed.

4. Offers Peace of Mind to Vulnerable people and their caregivers.

From medication monitoring, tracking calorie intake to calling the emergency services in times of distress, smart technology helps vulnerable people in numerous ways. Being able to control their settings helps them live more independent lives while the many monitoring functionalities help caregivers have more time for their own lives while simultaneously looking after their loved ones.

5. Saves money.

Everyone loves to save a few quid. With the technology available to water your houseplants, feed your pets and much more, you no longer have to pay somebody to do these tasks for you every time you are away. Add this to the energy adjusting features and those savings will add up, quickly returning your original investment and making life much easier.

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