Do you need mobile phone insurance?

Do you need mobile phone insurance?

These days, losing your phone is never easy to accept or deal with. Especially if your just purchased, high-end smartphone is broken or stolen, and you haven't even finished paying your EMIs. It is during times like these that you will wish you had your cell phone covered. However, the importance of having mobile phone insurance is sometimes neglected.

In general, insurance protects your investment from problems that aren't covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. This is accomplished by paying for specific insurance coverage. Depending on the type of coverage you select, you'll be covered for repairs, damage, replacement, or even theft.


What is mobile phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance cover is identical to any other insurance policies, except that it is specifically designed to cover risks associated with mobile phones. When it comes to mobile insurance, it includes theft, phone loss, damage, and various other things.


Why is it vital to have mobile phone insurance?

The concept of smartphone insurance is relatively new, and few people are aware of it or prepared to get it. But on the other hand, smartphones have evolved into more of an investment than a method of communication; the more expensive the phone becomes, the more delicate it becomes. As a result, getting your heavily invested mobile phones insured for a variety of unfortunate circumstances is a must in today's world.


When you acquire a mobile phone, it usually comes with a one-year guarantee to cover fundamental manufacturing flaws or hardware problems. However, this limited guarantee does not cover unexpected accidents such as cracked screens or water damage, or damage caused by a third-party component.


Need for mobile insurance:

Mobile phone repair/replacement issues are one example of an unexpected expense that necessitates insurance purchase. When you aren't prepared or backed up by an insurance plan, the expense you may have to incur at that moment may feel like a loss. However, having your mobile phone insured might help you avoid financial losses in the event of theft or damage. Allow us to demonstrate how a mobile insurance plan could come to your aid at the most inopportune time.


Protection from theft:

The concerns with theft are that it will be extremely difficult to recover your phone, you will lose all of your data, and the cash loss would be the most significant setback. In a circumstance like this, mobile phone insurance can save you a lot of money by covering the purchase of a new phone.


Accidental breakage protection:

Because mobile phones are so expensive these days, repairs are often quite costly. Any inadvertent phone damage could cost you a lot of money at an inconvenient time. You would be protected if you had a mobile phone cover scheme.


Protection from water/liquid damage:

If your phone has been exposed to water or liquid, it will experience issues such as malfunctioning, screen problems, and more. Moisture and humidity are two other factors that might cause harm. A mobile insurance policy typically covers these kinds of issues.


Covers hefty repair expenses:

If you possess a high-end phone, such as an Apple, Samsung, or One plus, the repair charges can be relatively high. Therefore, having mobile insurance possibly can prevent you from paying a large sum of money for phone repair.


Protection in the event of a phone loss:

Having an extended warranty does not necessarily guarantee that you will be compensated if your phone is lost, but having mobile phone insurance does.


What is covered by mobile insurance?

A mobile phone insurance policy protects the phone from a variety of risks. Because smartphones are electronic devices, they may be more susceptible to repairs, rendering the device worthless. In addition, there may be external concerns and internal issues such as software issues. A good mobile insurance policy often covers the following risks and damages:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft
  • Accidental Loss
  • Breakdown
  • Liquid Damage
  • Repair Or Replace
  • Fraudulent Call Cover Of Up to £2500
  • Gadgets Covered Up to The Value Of £1500
  • New Or Manufacturer Refurbished Gadgets Covered
  • Up to 90 Days Of Worldwide Cover.


What does mobile insurance not include?

Here are some of the major exclusions that a mobile phone insurance scheme will not cover:

  • Accidental Loss For Any Gadget Other Than A Mobile Phone.
  • Any Loss Not Reported To The Police Within 48-Hours And A Loss Reference Number Obtained.
  • Any Loss Of A Mobile Phone Which Has Not Been Reported To Your Airtime Provider Within 24 Hours Of You Discovering The Loss.
  • Cosmetic Damage That Does Not Affect Performance
  • Gadgets Or Mobile Phone Purchased From Online Auctions
  • Claims Where Evidence Of Ownership Or Proof Of Purchase Is Not Available.


How to choose mobile insurance plans?

Guide to choose the best mobile insurance in the UK


Analyze Value:

Insurance for mobile phones does not have to be expensive. It also depends on other aspects such as the phone's brand, model, and coverage level. Furthermore, the value changes depending on the payment conditions and the extra features you include in the scheme. Price is not the only aspect that influences the value of your money in phone insurance; you must also consider the purpose and benefits you will receive, i.e. you must assess if what you are about to buy meets your mobile phone's coverage needs. For example, if your phone is lost or stolen, you will only be able to get a replacement quickly if your insurance policy covers it.


Check Smart Print:

If you are certain that you want your phone to be insured, make sure to read the smart print of the policy you purchase. You will learn two things as a result of this:

  1. Policy Excess: The amount you must pay before filing a claim.
  2. Exclusions from the policy: What kind of accidents/events are not covered by the policy.


Check to see if you're already insured: 

Before acquiring a new insurance policy for your smartphone, make sure it's not already covered under your house or bank account insurance. Check to see if the insurance firm is licensed.


Smart Cover's mobile insurance plans for iPhone and Samsung:

Smart cover aims to give our customers a sense of security by offering a cost-effective mobile insurance plan and high-quality customer service. We provide insurance for a variety of devices, including iPhones and Samsung smartphones, at affordable rates and with excellent customer service. These protective covers are reasonably priced and provide coverage against a variety of damages.


Benefits of iPhone & Samsung mobile phone insurance:

  • Price match promise
  • Repair or replacement
  • Rapid claim settlement service
  • Fast claim settlement
  • UK based customer service
  • Fast, professional engineer support
  • Accidental damage
  • Low excess fee from ​£25


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Smartphones have become a necessary tool for our daily lives. However, the phones we use today are more delicate and have a higher financial investment. Therefore, any damage or loss will be extremely expensive to fix or replace. However, getting mobile phone insurance will safeguard you and cover you if your phone is damaged or lost.

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