Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Observing National Cell Phone Month every July is about remembering the etiquette of using our phones and considering their impact on others around us.

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month Is A Great Time To Start Minding Our Phone Manners

How many people do you come across every single day focused on their mobile phones while completely ignoring the person by their side? Today, it is common see a group of friends sitting around at the table, each one of them engrossed with their phones instead of enjoying the company of their friends sitting beside them.

Observing National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

There’s no doubt that mobile phones have changed our lives in so many ways. Some of them are good – no matter where you are if there is an emergency, you can simply pick up your phone and call for help. No need to go looking for the nearest pay phone.

On the other hand, these little devices can start to get intrusive and take over our lives if we are not careful. Do you talk and drive or even worse, text and drive because you just HAVE to convey a message to someone right there and then? Have you ever had your mobile phone go off in the middle of an important meeting? Do you carry your mobile phone to the dinner table so you can answer all calls promptly?

If you’ve been guilty of not observing mobile phone etiquette, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month is a great time to start minding your phone manners. It’s not all that difficult either. It’s the small things that will make all the difference.

Here are a few things you can do to observe cell etiquette

Know When To Put Your Mobile Phone On Silent

Having your caller tune blare out in the middle of a meeting or while you are dining out with your date or a business colleague is not just annoying, it is downright rude. You must remember to put your cell phone on silent before you go into the meeting room or sit down at the dinner table.

Keep Your Phone Out Of Sight When Meeting Up With Friends Of Colleagues

Many people simply keep their phone on the table or on the chair arm. When the phone rings, they pick it up and have a conversation with the caller while completely ignoring the person with them. Not only that is rude but it essentially implies that everything else is more important than the person they are with. Don’t be one of these people. If you are meeting up with somebody, put your phone on silent and keep it out of sight.

If You Have To Take A Call, Remember To Excuse Yourself

Some calls cannot wait. No matter where you are, an emergency call from your spouse, an urgent call from your boss or a distress call from a patient if you are a doctor must be attended to immediately. If you receive a call that you absolutely must answer, apolite way to do it would be to explain to the others that the call is urgent, excuse yourself and take the call away from the group so that they can carry on.

Never Talk or Text While Driving

Need to call your spouse to say you will be late for dinner? Pull up to a side and make that call. Heard a text coming in? Wait to get home before reading it. It takes a second of looking away from the road for an accident to happen. It’s just not worth it.

Once you make mobile phone etiquette a habit, you will start to enjoy the convenience of having a phone without letting it rule your life.

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