SKY Satellite Box -Troubleshooting

Even if you have satellite insurance from Smart-Cover, troubleshooting tips may get your box working again without having to call an engineer.

There is nothing more maddening than coming home early or getting all your work done quickly to sit and watch your favourite show only to find that your Sky Box is not working properly.

There are a number of problems that can crop up with a satellite connection. While some of them may be a simple problem that can be easily fixed, there are some issues that can only be tended to by a professional.

Here are some common problems that people face with their SKY Satellite systems and what you can do to resolve it.

Transponder not working

If the box is not responding, it is a good idea to try and reset it.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Take your Sky remote then press and hold the Standby button on it till you see a red light on it which will indicate that the box is off.
  • Once that’s done, wait for five seconds and then press the Sky button on the remote.
  • You will see an amber light on the box which shows that it is in standby mode.
  • After this, you should wait for another five seconds and you can then press the Sky button again.
  • The box should turn on to the welcome screen, which will mean that it has been reset.

Check the input connection and signal strength

If you are going to check the input connections remember that it could affect any programme that may be currently recording but nothing will happen to any programmes that have been recorded and saved earlier.

To check the connections, switch off the Sky Box at the main power source and wait for the power light to go off completely. After that, unscrew the input cables that go into the box and check them to see if any cable is damaged or if any of the cables are touching each other. If everything is fine, gently put them back into the sockets and then tighten the screws.

Be really careful because if you damage the cables while doing this, you may need to replace them.

As for testing the signal, you will need to use the Signal Test Menu. It should show a signal of 50% or more if you are facing good weather and at least 40% if it’s not that great. If there is anything less than that (or no signal at all), you will have to contact someone for help.

Try another box

The best way to determine whether there really is a problem with you Sky Box is to try attaching another one to the television. So if you have another TV at home then try exchanging boxes or borrow one from a friend.

If the other box works well then you know that the problem is restricted to the actual hardware. If the problem persists, the whole connection will have to be checked out.

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