10 Apps You Need To Download To Your Smartphone

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We all know that feeling when you download a new app and you end up using it everyday. With smartphone app stores offering a choice of millions of apps, there's bound to be a bunch you've never seen. I have put together 10 apps that im sure you will love! These apps will get you discounts, access to the best movies, guides to cooking your favourite dishes and more!



Pocket is an app previously known as Read It Later and it lets you save all articles and anything you have read on the internet. If you’re someone who enjoys reading and often finds yourself leaving articles because you don’t have time to read them at that exact time, then you need to download pocket on your smartphone immediately. Pocket enables you to save articles that you have seen while on the internet, for example on the web or social media and lets you read it later. Something that people seem to love about the app is that it reformats the article for you to be able to read easier on a mobile device. The app is free to download but does include in-app purchases.


2: MyFitnessPal

My fitness pal is a calorie counter and exercise tracker app that aims to give you the support to lose weight. You can enter in your weight target and how fast you want to reach your goal and it will give you a daily calorie intake number that you should aim for. The app lets you type or scan in any food that you have eaten and will provide you with all information including how many calories the food has. The app also tracks how many steps you have walked and roughly how many calories your exercise has burned. The app is free to download, and most features are free to use, you can pay an in-app purchase to unlock more features.


3: Spotify

With music being so popular and now so easy to access, Spotify is one of the most popular apps to download for streaming and listening to music without Wi-Fi. You can download any song you want as most songs go straight on to Spotify after they are released, once you have downloaded a song you are able to listen to that song even if your up high on a plane with no service or Wi-Fi. You can download playlists that Spotify have already made, or you can create your own playlists and add as many songs into them as you like. The app is free to download but costs £9.99 a month for Spotify premium, which gives you unlimited, ad-free access to the 30 million and plus songs that Spotify offers, all available offline.  If you're a student, you get a deal of £4.99 month for Spotify premium.


4: Slice

If you’re addicted to online shopping, then slice is the app for you. Slice automatically detects your order from your email and tracks every package for you, it notifies you when they are delivered and warns you if your delivery has been recalled. One special feature on slice that online shoppers will love is that it watches out for your purchases and if they have dropped in price. The app is completely free!


5: Duolingo

Looking to learn a new language? Duolingo offers bite-sized lessons for people who want to learn a new language, it starts with simple vocabulary and eventually builds up the difficulty. Duolingo may also come in useful for people who have already started learning a language, or maybe they know one quite well but just want to touch up. The app unlocks additional information the more you use the app, so the more you practise the more opportunity your giving yourself to learn. The app currently offers Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. The app is free to download.


6: Netflix

If you haven’t heard of Netflix then where have you been? If you haven’t already then, it’s a must have download on your smartphone. Netflix has a remarkable amount of films and series, including Netflix’ own content including original comedies, dramas and series that often become the most talked about, making Netflix an in demand online app. Having Netflix as an online app on your smartphone comes in handy as you can now download selected movies or series and watch them offline at your own freedom. Netflix offers a one-month free trial but then retails from £5.99 a month.


7: Kitchen stories

There are many cooking and kitchen apps on the app store, but kitchen stories is one that will benefit anyone who enjoys cooking but also anyone who wants to learn. It includes features such as video guides and step by step photo instructions. You can custom your own cookbooks and save your favourite recipes and articles, the app really does cater for all as it is available in 12 different languages! All of that included and the app is completely free of charge!


8: Ticketmaster

If you’re somebody who attends concerts, festivals, or someone who enjoys events then Ticketmaster may come in very handy for you.  Ticketmaster is an app where you can buy tickets to different events around the world, if you are looking for a specific event you will find it here. The app also allows you to sell or transfer tickets. The app is free to download.


9: Groupon

The free Groupon app is perfect for anyone who loves a good deal, which is everyone right? Groupon offers deals on things such as spa days out to restaurants to a pair of slippers. Groupon can save you up to 70% off the normal price so its an app worth downloading.


10: WAM (World around me)

WAM is an app for finding out what attractions are around you. The app uses your phones camera to locate restaurants, museums, parks, cinemas and other places of interest near you. The app will be able to show you the name of the place, a review rating and the distance it takes you to get there. The app has the same concept as google maps but won’t offer you any more, however the app is slightly simpler to use. WAM is free to download but if you want the pro version there is an in-app purchase.


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