Travel Insurance Cover| Protection For Multi-Trip and Annual Trip

Travel Insurance

Holiday protection. Don't go on holiday without it.

​Single Trip

Annual multi-trip 

  • ​Medical  assistance cover
  • ​Competive prices
  • ​Protect missed flights
  • ​Lost baggage and much more

Travel Insurance. What's included?

The cover lasts for either the duration of a single trip or, if you have chosen annual 

multi-trip cover, for a year. Below are just a few of the many benefits you'll receive.

Delayed Departure

​​Compensation if a person covered by this insurance is booked to travel and delayed at the final point of international departure.

Missed Departure

Additional travel  & accommodation costs if a person covered by this insurance misses their international departure from or to his/her home country due to any of the reasons stated in this section of the policy wording (for example due to a vehicle accident or breakdown)

Lost/stolen Baggage

Cover for baggage which is accidentally lost, stolen or damaged during a trip.

A benefit for emergency replacement of clothing, medication and toiletries if baggage is temporarily lost for more than 12 hours during an outward journey.


Refund of non-recoverable unused travel and accommodation costs if a person covered by this insurance has to cancel or cut short a trip due to any of the reasons stated in  the policy wording (for example if a person covered by this insurance becomes ill, injured or dies).

Passport and Documents

Cover for loss, theft or damage to personal money and documents including cash, traveller’s cheques, travel tickets, passport, visas or driving license during a trip.

Why travel insurance?

Most people admit to going on holiday without travel insurance, putting themselves at risk of paying a substantial amount of money on medical bills. 
No matter what you have planned for your trip, or how safe you think you are, anything can happen unexpectedly. Travel Insurance cover with us won't save you from unfortunate events, but it will reduce the cost of any medical costs that might occur.
All in one excess protection works together with your normal insurance policy so that in the event of an successful insurance claim; all-in-one excess protection steps in to refund any excess you are required to pay.
All-in-one excess cover. The Smart way to deal with any excess fee.
European Breakdown Cover
Take the worry out of motoring abroad. Don’t chance a breakdown, we are here for you.

​Travel insurance made simple

​Have fun and stay protected at the same time