Creating the perfect garden, just in time for summer!

Summer is right around the corner, and with more than a year’s worth of lockdown under our belts, most of us are keen to get outside and take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts.

Read on for advice on how to get your garden summer-ready! We’ve got tips on garden planning, pest infestation, pruning and the best flowers to plant in all seasons.

Garden planning

The best place to start is to find some inspiration. Take a look at what other people have done with their spaces and see if you find anything to take from their designs.

Pinterest, Instagram or even a simple Google Search are great places to look.

Creating a mood board from what you’ve found can really bring everything together. You’ll be able to see ideas that don’t really fit, as well as those that are perfect together.

Best flowers for each season

Pest infestation

Planning to grow fruits and veggies? If you want a sustainable, worthwhile garden patch then you’ll need to stop pesky pests from eating your produce!

To know if you’re in the midst of an invasion just look for the following signs:


What is pruning? Cutting down or removing specific parts of a plant to better growth, balance and appearance.

Pruning can really help your garden to bloom. The effort of keeping everything in order will be seen once your flowers begin to blossom.

When should you prune? This depends on when your plants begin to flower.