Key Benefits

Our goal is to maintain excellent customer care, listen to you so we can tailor our packages in line with market needs and individual circumstances. As a result, we have launched our TV, Home Emergency and Gadget policies; all to provide our clients with complete reassurance should they experience problems at any time.

As our company has increased in size we have never lost our perspective - every customer is important and we strive to deliver excellent customer care. We are committed to using experienced, certified local engineers whenever possible. Our purpose is to create a portfolio of insurance products that not only meet your needs today but also in the future. After all, our goal is to provide a service that is second to none whilst protecting your life-style; which you have worked so hard for.


In line with our commitments, we always ensure that everyone becomes our loyal and satisfied stakeholder. Because we carefully listened to all our customers' feedback we created products that deliver key benefits that really matter to you. They include:

Unlimited technical support from our UK based customer support team. It can be you, your relative or your neighbour who asks for help; but regardless, we promise to do our very best to resolve the matter without any formalities. All it takes is to let us know!

We give you what you need. We will always look for rapid and effective solutions. This means, we will provide local engineers wherever possible so they know your area, the solution and, of course, will remain courteous at all times. After all, you told us to do so! We were really pleased to hear this as not only were we able to reinvest in your local community, it also made you more comfortable to rely on us.

In October 2014, we have signed the Dementia-friendly Financial Services Charter, as developed by the Alzheimer’s Society. We are proud to support all our customers, no matter what their circumstances. We promise to deal with any difficulty with empathy and professionalism at all times.

And there is more! When we launch our new products, you will be the first to know. We will offer you, as recognition of your loyalty, a competitive premium and at times even free. Whilst we strive to always deliver benefit, there are some things we cannot cover. Please do read our complete terms and conditions in order to find our what is not covered under our policies.

Smart Cover excellent customer service award

All this coupled with a recognised and outstanding customer service! In 2015, we have been nominated and finalists of the Hertfordshire Excellent Customer Service Award.

Full Coverage

full coverage

Smart Cover Insurance has expanded rapidly over the recent years. We are working hard on providing protection not only to every individual in the UK but also every valued item; deemed to be an essential life-style equipment of the modern day. This is why now, no matter what household gadget you fear of loosing, or living without, we are able to provide you with a leading insurance policy. Be it your washing machine, television, PS3 or any other gadget, we are a leading and competitive provider for all such needs.

Our Commitment

At Smart Cover, our ultimate commitment stays with you. We always strive to deliver exceptional service even if you are not our customer! Should there be a need to contact us with a claim or even a complaint, we will work with you closely to resolve the given situation without any unnecessary hassle. Not only we promise to work with you but also to listen to your comments.

Customer service is paramount to our operation. However, this is not our only commitment. We pride ourselves in contributing to your local community wherever you are. If you need to make a claim, we will always try to source a local but approved engineer for you. Even if we are unable to do so, we are happy to listen to you. Should you have any suggestions, we are happy to consider.

Smart Cover always have and always will value every single customer and stakeholder. Should your circumstances change, we promise to try to accommodate it. We don't only offer a service and protection, we offer an experience to be proud of!