Excess Insurance

Protection against paying a large
excess in the event of a claim.

All-in-one ​excess cover

  • Claim your excess b​ack
  • ​Choose the level of excess to be covered
  • Popular life style excess protection

What is excess protection and why you need it?

Our excess protection works together with your normal insurance policy so that in the event of a successful insurance claim; all-in-one excess protection refunds insured excesses that you were required to pay.

All-in-one excess cover. The smart way to deal with any excess fee.

  • ​Claim your excess back
  • Choose your cover level

How excess protection works?

The above is for illustative purpose only. You choose the level of excess to cover.

Our Excess Insurance Covers A Wide Range Of Policies.

Motor Insurance

​You have an insurance policy issued to cover your private car, which is owned and registered to you.

Home Insurance

​You have an insurance policy covering the building and/or contents of your main residence, which is not used for business purposes

Health Insurance

You have an insurance policy covering medical and surgical expenses.

Enjoy Excess Protection!

​All-in-one excess protection refunds the excess on all these popular policies. One SIMPLE excess protection.

Reclaim your excess

Don’t let your insurance excess fee take the joy out of a successful claim. Claim it back with all-in-one excess protection. Take advantage today, with our excess protect starts from equivalent to 6 pence a day.