Appliance Repair Insurance Cover | Repair or Replace Home Appliances

Appliance Repair Insurance -

Repair or Replace Cover - Simple insurance for complex problems

We offer simple to use and understand insurance protection for all home appliances. Cover with us means that in the event of an appliance breakdown, whether it be your washing machine, fridge, freezer or any part of your home entertainment system, gadgets, TV or satellite. We will either fix your appliance or replace it with a like-for-like alternative. No fuss…No hassle.

This is what we mean when we say  'Repair or Replace'

We Repair

  • We arrange for a suitable engineer to attend the breakdown
  • We use a UK-wide network of certified engineers who are monitored and qualified
  • We pay all call-out fees, even if it is after hours. Saving you even more money.
  • We pay for all parts and labour
  • We get your appliance working again.

What if the engineer can’t economically fix the appliance? We go to the replacement part of the service.

We Replace

  • We finding a suitable replacement
  • We pay for it
  • We get it delivered to your home
  • We install the appliance

You are now back in the same position prior to the breakdown minus the cost, hassle and disruption. A simple solution to a complex and expensive appliance breakdown. Get your low cost cover today and really start to enjoy complete peace of mind.