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Appliance Insurance

Appliance insurance breakdown cover for kitchen appliances

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Appliance Insurance

The kitchen is so frequently the heart of the home and we know that you want to keep your appliances in top working order. Whether you have just the basics or a full modern kitchen which can handle anything you could wish to throw at it, your appliances are a firm part of your home. Do you entertain a lot or do you just like messing around in the kitchen creating all sorts of amazing dishes and treats? If you are someone who needs their fridge or their oven and can’t do with the idea of them not working for any period of time, you should look into appliance insurance. Here at Smart Cover, our breakdown cover can protect any of your kitchen appliances, in your home, by securing you a fast repair or replacement when electrical or mechanical breakdowns ruin your day.

I’m Already Covered!

Think you are already covered by this thanks to your appliance warranty or your household insurance? It is possible that you aren’t covered. Take a look at this table to see how some of our key policies match up against these commonly used alternatives:

Unlimited Number of Claims Cost per claim limit Accidental Damage Cover Mechanical Breakdown Covered Accidental Water Damage
Smart Cover £500
Appliance Warranty
Household Insurance Policy Dependent Policy Dependent

As you can see, the coverage you can get for your appliances varies quite widely depending on what you get for your money. Many people might be happy to stick with just their appliance warranty but this does not cover against everything. Likewise, you might think that you are covered because your household insurance has a specific subclause about appliance cover. This might not be enough as some of the most crucial parts of your cover might not be there or they might end up being more than you can really afford. For example, the kitchen is a place which has the potential for substantial water damage. Whether it is a pipe burst under the sink or a leaky washing machine connection, your electrical goods could be left severely damaged. Not every policy protects against such an event and you may have to pay the full price of your excess when you make a claim for repairs.

It can feel damning to put in a claim only to find out you need to pay more for the excess than you will get back for the claim. It might just be better to hold onto your No-Claims Bonus and find money for the repairs from some other source. Best appliance insurance in UK

Choose Smart Cover

This is where our appliance insurance comes in. We have carefully constructed our policy to plug the existing gap between what is offered by the appliance warranties and what you can find in your household insurance policy. Our unique blend of policies and protections offers you the peace of mind that all the electrical appliances in your kitchen can be protected, no matter what brand they come from. You will also have access to substantial savings on any repair bills you might encounter, allowing you to have greater control over your savings as of when you need them. Got any questions? We understand that a scenario like this can provoke quite a few, so hopefully they will be answered here

We cover any of the appliances which can be found in the kitchen. This includes the fridge and freezer, oven, cooker, washing machine, tumble drier, and dishwasher. If you have any of these products in your kitchen, you can get them covered by your policy to protect them in the event that they malfunction or are damaged by accidental circumstances.
When you make a claim, you will have to give us some details about the nature of the incident just so we can work out if it does meet the criteria for your policy. With those checks out the way, our support team will put you in touch with an experienced engineer from our UK-wide network of tradesmen to come out and fix your problem.
Sometimes, our engineer will take a look at your damaged goods and realise that there is simply nothing which can be done. It would be too much to try to fix it or the damage is just far too significant and extensive to even warrant an attempt at repair. What is to be done in such a scenario? Luckily, we have the answer. In the event that your appliance cannot be repaired, you will be provided with a like-for-like replacement.
There are a few things which we don’t cover, though our policies are quite extensive. Firstly, we cannot cover a product with a pre-existing fault when you take out the policy. We also, obviously, cannot cover any deliberate damage to an appliance; we deal wholly with accidental damage. If you do require a replacement, we cannot remove the old one. You will have to contact your local authority for removal or arrange some other alternative uplift. Finally, we cannot cover any appliance which is over 10 years old.
We have many more policies than just those for protecting your kitchen appliances. If you are looking for cover for other electrical goods around your home, we might be able to help you. We offer cover for your TVs, including LED and Smart TVs, and your home entertainment system. If you would like some comprehensive cover for your smartphone, including damage from water or other substances plus protection against theft and international cover so you know that your phone is safe no matter where you go. For the avid travellers, we also have a selection of travel insurance to protect your holidays and motor breakdown cover so you are never going to get stuck with a broken car no matter where you are, in both the UK and Europe!

How We Can Help You

With one of our policies to hand, our caring technical support team is just a phone call away. Our advisors are available to chat from 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am to 4 pm on a Saturday. We also offer an emergency helpline which you can ring for car or home emergencies whenever they occur. Before long, we will have someone on the way to you to fix your request, whether it is a fridge that won’t stay cold or a washing machine which is leaking across the floor.

Appliance Insurance Other Products Emergency Helpline Product Replacement No Hidden Fees Quick Engineer Turnaround
Smart Cover
Aviva Optional Policy Add-ons
Direct Line

As you can see, many of our competitors offer many of the same products and services that we do. However, we are unique in that we are the only company to offer the all-important appliance insurance policy. Our kitchen goods are some of those we use the most within our homes, putting them at more of a risk of failure than other things. Yet it is rare to see insurance companies offer a policy which is exclusively for this service. What’s more, we guarantee no hidden fees. The price we give to you for a quote is the one you are going to pay; no changes, no hidden costs, no extra money for a higher level of service. If you have benefits saved with another provider, we can even switch those benefits over when you join us. We believe quality appliance cover should be affordable and easy to find for all homeowners.

Why You Need Insurance

Domestic appliance insurance. Protect all your appliances

If you think this is an unnecessary cost, you are playing a gambling game about whether or not something is going to fail. Don’t take this risk; it takes so little time to sign up to something and make sure that you are adequately covered. You might think that you are never going to claim it, but this means that you are putting yourself at risk of having to shell out even more money to fix the damages. The only way to lessen the impact a failed kitchen appliance might have upon your home is to make sure that you have the coverage you need to protect you from anything that might happen.

A shocking report from ABI, one of the UK’s top insurance analysers, revealed that one in four UK households do not have some sort of contents insurance in place. This rises to 45% of Londoners making do without contents insurance despite the costs dropping to less than £5 a week. If you do not yet have some sort of cover, there is no excuse. For less than the cost of your Saturday night takeaway, you can easily find a product which can protect you. Our appliance insurance is just one of the products we offer which can protect you and your household when disaster strikes. If you would rather do without such protection then you are going to have to risk fronting the entire bill yourself. Is it better to pay a little each month or a lot to fix something urgent? The choice is ultimately up to you.

However, we are certain that we can offer you a great service and brilliant coverage for all your major appliances. Get an instant quote online and we’ll give you our 10% online discount to make the deal even sweeter.

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When it comes to insurance, there is no reason why you should not have it. If you have been on the hunt for the perfect level of coverage at the right price, you have definitely found it at Smart Cover. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us today to chat through our products. Your kitchen has a lot of time and money spent on it. It is only fair that you take out an insurance policy which adequately protects you and your family against any calamity which could occur in the heart of your home. Don’t take the risk; take out some appliance insurance today.

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