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Over 50s Life Cover Plus

A simple, affordable way to leave behind a cash lump sum for your loved ones

Not all Over 50s Life Cover is the same

Over 50s Life Cover Plus is a quick and simple way to leave behind some helpful money for your family. Anyone can apply as long as you are between 50 – 80 years old and a UK resident. Like everyone else, we offer guaranteed acceptance without a medical.

Key Benefits

  • No medical needed
  • Serious and terminal illness benefits as standard
  • Access to advice and support services
  • £250 contribution to funeral costs with our free Funeral Funding Option

How your cover works

  • During the first 2 years

    If you die of natural causes we will pay out 150% of the premiums paid. If you die as a result of an accident we will pay out three times the life cover up to a maximum pay out of £48,000.

  • After the first 2 years

    When you die, we'll pay out the sum assured as a cash lump sum, less any serious illness benefit. Please keep in mind that inflation will mean any pay out won't buy as much in the future as it will now.

  • Serious and terminal illness benefit

    After two years: 100% of your life cover, paid in full, if you receive a terminal illness diagnosis after 2 years as a policy holder. The policy would then be closed and cover would end. 20% of your life cover if you are diagnosed with a serious illness after 2 years as a policy holder, reducing the life and terminal illness cover to 80% of the sum assured.

  • Remember

    Premiums stop at age 90 but cover continues for life. If you stop paying premiums before then the cover will cease and you will not get any money back.The cash lump sum on death normally counts as part of your estate and so may be subject to inheritance tax. You could pay more in premiums that the plan pays out. Our Over 50s life cover is not a savings plan and has no cash value.

Funeral funding option

Free funeral funding option

  • £250 contribution towards your funeral costs (as long as the funeral is arranged through the Funeral Funding Option provider)
  • Payment made directly from your Over 50s plan towards your funeral expenses, after you have had the policy for two years
  • No extra cost to you
  • No extra cost to you

Please remember Over 50s Life Cover is not a Funeral Plan and would not necessarily meet the full cost of a funeral.

Support when you need it most

  • Legal advice, from Co-op Legal Services
  • Will writing service, from Co-op Legal Services
  • Care advice, from Grace Consulting
  • Estates and Probate line from Co-op Legal Services
  • Health support, from RedArc
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Frequently asked questions

Immediate cover is available in most cases if you apply for Over 50s Life Cover Plus online or by phone. If you apply by post, your cover will start once we’ve processed your application and you should get your policy documents within a few days.
You’ll be covered for life as long as you pay your premiums. What's more, once you reach the age of 90 you stop paying premiums but your cover will carry on until you die or if you claim a terminal illness pay out. However, if you stop paying premiums before you’re 90, your plan will stop and you won’t get anything back.
Premiums start from as little as £8 and go up to £75
No. We guarantee to accept you without a medical. We don't ask any intrusive questions and we don’t need a medical report.
No. Even as you get older or if you become ill.
No. We only stop your cover if you stop paying your premiums before the age of 90.
No. Your over 50s life cover policy isn’t a savings plan and has no cash in value at any time. It only pays out when you die or claim serious or terminal illness benefit. If you cancel your policy within the first 30 days you’ll receive all of your premiums paid back.
The pay out on death won’t attract Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, but it may be subject to Inheritance Tax unless your policy is written in trust. This reflects our current understanding of the law and the HMRC practice, which can be subject to change.
Unlike some other providers, you only pay your premiums until you reach the age of 90. After that, you don't have to pay any more premiums, but you are covered for life.